Organized on July 05th 2007, ABER - Associação Brasileira das Empresas de Resseguros, a non-profit civil association, congregates and represents the reinsurance companies operating in Brazil. On August 30th, 2011 ABER became FENABER - Federação Nacional das Empresas de Resseguros, now a national Federation. With its registered office located in the city of Rio de Janeiro, the federation covers the whole Country and is specifically aimed at materializing the political and institutional interests of its associates and can legally represent them before the Public Administration, as well as  any representative Entity of the Insurance Market and Civil Society. All Local and Admitted Reinsurers registered with SUSEP may join FENABER.
In addition to its political aspects, FENABER further intends to promote the development of the reinsurance market in Brazil, by disseminating and supporting its relevant institutional activities, including qualifying professionals through the fostering of research projects focused on reinsurance education. Emphasis is also put on the incentive of projects aimed at enhancing direct insurance activities in Brazil, as an essential premise of the whole existing reinsurance operation.
Since its implementation in the Country, FENABER has been playing an important catalyzing role in the segment and, imbued with such assignment, became involved in actions intended to prepare suggestions to formulate the regulatory framework of reinsurance activities in Brazil, the public hearing of which, had been promoted by the Private Insurance Superintendence – SUSEP. In a highly democratic manner, the premises of which formed the basis for the mentioned process, the members of FENABER had the opportunity to submit their claims to the Regulatory Agency, based on their respective experiences gathered in other markets and propped by a variety of legal realities, the conditions of which had been tested at other times. FENABER contribution towards the formulation and enhancement of the Brazilian regulatory framework constitutes a stimulus not only to its creation but also to its perpetuality. The reinsurance self-regulation, as strongly practiced in the more economically developed markets, will have in us its specialized forum.